Day 1

Keynote Lecture: Top 10 Evidence-Based Medicine Updates for 2024

Dr Eddie Needham

Keynote Lecture: Top 10 Practice Changing Papers of the Year

Dr Justin Bailey

DHA Healthcare Strategy 2026 and Beyond

Dr Nahed Monsef

Ejadah Updates

Dr Mohammed Farghaly

AI in Healthcare

Dr Mohammed Naseif

WONCA Europe and Working Party on Policy and Advocacy

Prof Mehmet Ungan

Genomics from Family Physician Perspective

HE Dr Mariam Matar

Rise Above Your Typical Results in the Treatment of T2D with Tirzepatide

Dr Mohammed Farghaly

Current Challenges and New Paradigms in RSV Disease in Elder Adults

Dr Bassam Mahboub

Type 2 Diabetes Onset - Strategies of Reversal

Dr Ahmed Hassoun

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes in the Pediatric Population – Screening and Treatment Recommendations

Dr Eddie Needham

Update in the Management of Bacterial Respiratory Tract Infection

Dr Ahmad Subhi


Dr Robert Baldor

Colchicine in ASCVD – It’s Not Just for Gout Anymore

Dr Jonathon Firnhaber

The Continued Role of Allopurinol in the Management of Gout

Dr Maha Osman

GI Update: GERD, PUD, Acute Diarrhea, Pancreatitis

Dr Justin Bailey

Untangling the Overlap in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs)

Dr Ala Sharara

H Pylori Management

Dr Nawal Al Nahdi

Day 2

Choosing Wisely to Building Trust - Bridging Conversations to Improve Patient Care

Dr David Weismiller

Keynote Lecture: United States Preventive Services Task Force 2024: New and Updated Recommendations

Dr David Weismiller

Obesity: Guidelines for Treatment Therapies

Dr Robert Baldor

Tirzepatide Approved for Weight Management

Dr Khadija Hafidh

Semaglutide 2.4mg: A New Era in Obesity Management

Dr Rahila Bhatti

The New ESH Guidelines and the Role of Betablockers in Hypertension Management

Prof Felix Mahfoud

Optimizing Residual Risk Reduction in Patients with Dyslipidemia

Dr Carlos Aguiar

A Single Medication to both Treat and Prevent Migraine: What is the Evidence?

Dr Abubaker Almadani

Role of Empagliflozin in Management of CRM Patients

Dr Khadija Hafidh

The New ESH Guidelines and the Role of Betablockers in Hypertension Management

Prof Felix Mahfoud

Call to Action : Changing the Paradigm of Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr Jalal Nafach

Importance of Shingles Prevention in Older Adults

Dr Tamer Farid

Commonly-missed Things on ECGs, and Why They Matter (or don’t)

Dr Jonathon Firnhaber

A New Era in the Management of CKD and the Role of Dapagliflozin

Dr Hormaz Dastoor

Acute and Preventive Approach for Effective Management of Migraine

Dr Vittorio Lantorno

Connective Tissue Diseases Review

Dr Eddie Needham

Men's Health

Dr Justin Bailey

Empowering Humanity: The Crucial Role of Family Physicians in Humanitarian Missions

Dr Farah Al Zaabi, Dr Saif Al Kaabi 

Day 3

Leadership and Value Based Soft Skills for the Family Physician

Dr Eddie Needham

Severe Asymptomatic Hypertension – How concerned should you be?

Dr Jonathon Firnhaber

High Risk Patient: Goals Beyond Hypertension Management

Dr Mohamed Bakri

Dyslipidemia Management: Strike Early, Strike Strong

Dr Nishanth Sanalkumar

Unlocking Cardiovascular Health: Spotlight on Lipid Management in Primary Care

Dr Juwairiya Al Ali

Navigating Dyslipidemia: Effective Management and Cardiovascular Protection

Dr Mohamed Farghaly

Unexplained Dyspnoea: Could it be PAH? Red Flags in Clinical Suspicion

Dr Hani Sabbour

Breast Cancer and Breast Disease - Are We Overscreening?

Dr David Weismiller

COPD – Tailoring Therapy for Your Patients

Dr Jonathon Firnhaber

Therapy for COVID-19: Why Does it Matter?

Dr Jaimie Abdennadher

Updates on Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Management: Access Trial

Dr Naim Aoun

Flu in Elderly - Why it Needs Special Consideration!

Dr Hani Sabbour

The Burden of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in Older Adults and Ways of Protection

Dr Rachel Kaminski

Care of the Difficulty Patient (Soft Skills)

Dr Justin Bailey

Dementia: What Do We Tell Our Patients about Prevention?

Dr Robert Baldor

Managing the Symptoms of Menopause - Two Decades after the Women's Health Initiative

Dr David Weismiller

Management of Constipation

Dr Asaad Dajjani

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